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Article – October 2016

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Thank you very much Melissa Merrett of the Diamond Valley Leader for this article on Hayden and Stephanie.  Also a big thank you for nominating Hayden and Stephanie for the Pride of Australia award.  Click Photo above if you would like to read the article.

ELTHAM North Siblings Hayden 9 and Stephanie Rujak 7 are fast becoming little champions for the plight of Melbourne’s homeless.

Every weekend for more than 18 months with support of their parents Paula and Michael Rujak, the pair have been delivering essential care packages, blankets and warm clothing to people sleeping rough around Melbourne’s CBD.  This Issue has become close to Hayden’s heart since a family holiday In the US where he saw the homeless problems first-hand. 

“I sort of got fed up with what I was seeing (In New York). I had had enough and I told Mum and Dad I wanted to do something to help.” Mrs Rujak said. “I have a goal. to one day see no more homeless people In Melbourne“ Mrs Rujak said she was proud of her children’s efforts and grateful to the community for supporting their efforts. The family has received generous donations from students and families from Catholic schools associated with the Holy Trinity Catholic Parish and beyond. To help. 30 to or

Hayden and Stephanie have been nominated for 3 Pride of Australia award. recognising those who make their community a better place.